The easiest way to create Landing Pages for your bridal shop

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We all agree that landing pages are one of the best ways to convert qualified website visitors into bridal appointments. If you haven’t heard of landing pages? You should enroll in our free Bridal Breakthroughs Course. In this course I explain landing pages and teach you how to implement systems for turning visitors into sales.

Ok, let’s get on with the technique for creating landing pages.

As a bridal shop owner, you may not have the resources to be able to create these landing pages. Who has time to learn HTML and all the other mumbo jumbo that goes into successfully implementing a landing page? Not you. And that’s why you are going to outsource this task to those that do this all the time.

Here’s how to do it successfully.

Step #1: Create the Landing Page Wording

This step you should not outsource. You are the subject matter expert and a techie is not going to be able to create wording that speaks to brides. You know what brides want and so you will need to create the landing page wording. You can simply use a text editor of your choice (Microsoft Word, etc). Keep the word count between 300-500.

What should you say??? Well, you need to sign up for the Bridal Breakthroughs Course to learn that. It’s free, so there is no excuse.

Step #2: Design your conversion form

The conversion form is the form that the visitor fills out to send their inquiry to you. Submission of this form “converts” them from a visitor to a lead. The general consensus is that you want to keep your forms brief. The more fields that are on your form, the less likely a bride will complete it. You can do a brief write up of the form you would like to use and include it in the document you created in Step #1.

How do you build these forms if you are not a “techie”? Well, there are a bunch of form builders available online. Some are free (like Wufoo). The problem with these form builders is that the way you receive the lead is through email. This means that you will be spending time doing data entry. Is that what you signed up for? No way. There’s got to be a better way. It’s called BridalLive’s Web Forms. When you use the BridalLive Web Forms, leads (i.e appointment requests) will arrive right inside of your BridalLive app and no data entry is required.

Step #3: Outsource on or

The secret weapon of the savvy entrepreneur is to use services like oDesk/Elance to outsource tasks to other that have the requisite expertise. You will be amazed at how affordable this is. And if you find someone you like, you can keep using them again and again.

However, outsourcing does not work if you do not give a detailed explanation of the task at hand. At a minimum, you must outline the task and your expected delivery timing.

Bonus Step: Rinse and Repeat

Once you’ve outlined the process for creating landing pages (yes you should document this in your process binder), you can now hand this task off to an employee. You should task this employee with thinking about each “niche” (or bride profile) that you serve and have them create the wording document and manage the outsource process.

How to Relate Web Traffic to In-Store Sales

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It is very important to have an ONLINE marketing strategy that includes Search Engine Marketing and Adwords.

Many store owners have a hard time relating their web traffic to their in-store sales and therefore it doesn’t seem feasible for them to spend money on something (ie SEO, Adwords) that they cannot directly relate to their sales #s.

First, you must know the answers to these questions:

1. How many new sales do you want/can you handle?
2. What is your current appointment count?
3. What is your closing ratio?
4. How many unique web visitors to you have? (you can find this in your Google Analytics)

For the sake of our example we will look at bridal appointments only for a 1 month period and assume your customers are finding you online.
1. 20 = Local Bridal Shop wants to sell 20 more wedding dresses.
2. 150 = Local Bridal Shop typically has 150 bridal appointments in 1 month.
3. 60 or 40% = Local Bridal Shop usually sells 60 of the 150 appointments.
4. 770 unique web visitors. Given this information, we can assume that Local Bridal Shop is closing 8% of her web visitors (60 / 770 = 8%).

So…for the Local Bridal Shop to get 20 MORE bridal sales, she will have to get 50 MORE bridal appointments assuming a closing ratio of 40%.

How do we relate this to web traffic?
Currently she’s getting 770 unique visitors to her website. With a closing ratio of 40% that means she’s closing 60 web visitors or 8%.
She needs a total of 924 unique web visitors each month to get 50 more appointments per month.

How does she get 154 more (924-770=154) unique web visitors each month? What is each lead worth to you? How much are you willing to spend on each lead?

If you are willing to spend $2 per lead that’s $308 per month. If you were even able to close ONE of those new web visitors your investment would be paid for.
$300 is a great starting point (given your keyword competitiveness and geographic area) for a Google Adwords Budget.

It all starts with an awesome website and well-planned strategy!
Don’t forget to track your traffic with landing pages and conversion forms!

Let us know if we can help you increase your web traffic -> increase in-store traffic -> increase sales with our Bridal Shop Software!